Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Block Callerid Rogers Home Phone How Can I Place Financial Strain A Restaraunt? Give Me Some Ideas For Legal Ways Of Hurting Their Pockets.?

How can I place financial strain a restaraunt? Give me some ideas for legal ways of hurting their pockets.? - block callerid rogers home phone

Recently, I was terribly treated by an employee of a pizzeria. I called a pizza delivery (give my name, address and credit card number), then a call back 15 minutes later by the person, the order, which stated that is not to me B / C "I," cried several times and molested. She put me to curse. I walked into the restaurant to ask copies of my address and credit card number and was greeted by the accusational incredibly rude behavior. The only reason why I think it's my fault because I am the last person who called me, and it may as Harrasser (Harrasser caller ID was blocked) Sound Clock.

All I want is an apology. The owner refuses to correct the situation, although I sumbission a letter with theAssistant phone records show that I did not harass calls. They refuse to force him to apologize. Therefore, I run an anti-Pizza Place, w / newspaper ads, flyers and complaints in the field of human rights.


sunshiny... said...

= Print Flyers from your computer to tell this story and on windshields in shopping centers and grocery stores. You can also picketing at the store, but you may need a permit.

Duane G said...

I again and serve, either because you obviously know that the caller ID, just because they companies that did not s how you kiss, I hope that more money, which you seem to have a kind of crazy to spend and I'm sure I've never cursed! there is probably an idiot, had the pizza and only 5 minutes later, much more than a fake! grow and some will go for pizza Jewelry

Atrixo said...

If not, you should be able to prove it. If he can not prove it, then forget it. There are pizza shops. The business is very competitive. They know that business people go elsewhere.

If you really want to hurt their pockets. Tell people about it. People who listen to his message on the other side.

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