Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Msn Messenger Keeps Resseting My Name My MSN Messenger Keeps Signing Out And Saying That I Singned Into Another Computer.?

My MSN messenger keeps signing out and saying that i singned into another computer.? - my msn messenger keeps resseting my name

And my friends tell me that I instant message them without access to Internet sites they ask things that I started buying this problem do.And send after I on the one hand, his messenger to my friend sent me a link (not really think it was). Stupidity do.I have an analysis on my computer and found all this tracking cookie, I am free from all these things, but I have the same problem, my MSN conclusion of the meeting.


♥Jєииιfєя♥ ~ ღ σηє тяєє нιℓℓ ღ said...

You have a virus on msn. A simple way to eliminate ... I did too and I would want to connect and disconnect, and send you links to all my friends. You must uninstall your MSN, please change your password msn install. Good luck! For more information on how to red below:

Go to Start> Control Panel> Programs> Add or remove a program> Messenger MSN Search> uninstall> Go to msn.com> Change Password> msn msn.com and then install over again.

From now on, do not click on links and great friend (s) to them. Block (to them and say what you feel hurt and why) and tell them what I say. Good luck!

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