Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weight Training How Often Should I Do Weight Training In Relation To Cardio?

How often should I do weight training in relation to cardio? - weight training

I began to deal more intensively with the system and I are both cardio and strength training intensely, but I do not know how often you should do strength training. I plan 60 minutes intense cardio (30 minutes on foot tend to be 30 minutes running time intervals), 5 days per week. How often should I plan to do strength training?


Anonymous said...

Break it up! MTWTFS

M - weight
T - Cardio
M - weight
T - Cardio
E - weight
S - Cardio

Querty said...

No weight train and not on the same day the heart when necessary, a separate morning and evening after failing cardiovascular pesos!

Decide how much heart weight during their week on the basis of their specific goals!

By offering your heart or do intense sprint interval are running is that losing muscle-building, to more than your days cardio! (during the burning of fat)

Personally, I am a total body workout 3 times a week and a series of sprints, the slopes of the area on my days off! But it seems that you have 2 weight training sessions, where it usual that some athletes may be for their good seat!

She heard him say, Do not Run, if you try to gain size and strength, but if your anaerobic, ie at least 25% mixed in some races, then your income is!

Good luck, stay here for 3 months and becomes a habit, not a chore!

MMKS said...

I want to say two days a week, spend a day in the upper body (tricpeps, pectorals, biceps and) back muscles, and spent his second day of his lower body (quadriceps, thighs, inner / outer thighs and calves).
If you feel comfortable with this routine, and / or the feeling that they are called into question until the number of days.

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