Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Physical Therapy Assistant Colleges Im Thinking Of A Career As A Physical Therapy Assistant?

Im thinking of a career as a physical therapy assistant? - physical therapy assistant colleges

I am almost 19 and I think at a community college to go to a Physical Therapy Assistant. would't say I'm an idiot, but he has also in mathematics at school. is a road that many people struggle with? Kinesiolgy I hear is very difficult. And another question off topic How can I get more points to be able to ask more questions?


erik s said...

I have a PTA for one year. It is also worthwhile. I will be honest. There are a ton you need to know to get in, and not too difficult. However, it is a big step if you need a little more experience to advance in the medical world. Give him a chance to see what you think. Go to the university, working out of their ass and come with something better than we are better paid and enjoy their work. Answer the questions and the best answer is, as here, to score points. Good luck!

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