Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sign Of Pregnancy More Condition_symptoms If Your Breast Are Sore More Than Usual, Could This Be A Sign Of Pregnancy?

If your breast are sore more than usual, could this be a sign of pregnancy? - sign of pregnancy more condition_symptoms

Sore nipples, and it comes and goes, it never feels so at my time. Did not sleep a lot lately, and I threw up today. Maybe it was just the BBQ pizza. I hope and pray that I am. He TTC for 14 months. now. If I am, I thought this month, not so far. Maybe it's nothing I hate my hope again, what do you think?


kendra9_... said...

Maybe. Maybe you just close your rules. Recently she was pregnant after TTC for over a year as well and I began to feel ill and had sore nipples when ISH was actually 5 weeks Prego. My breasts and nipples become tender before my time, so he could not confirm that a test Prego. I am now 13 weeks pregnant. and still hurts.

I hope that she is pregnant and not the flu or something. I feel your pain, and the TTC happens when you least expect it. Many baby powder, and test to see if it is still too early to hope and, = two lines.

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