Friday, January 15, 2010

Counting Cards Black Jack Why Is It Illegal To Count Cards In Black Jack.?

Why is it illegal to count cards in black jack.? - counting cards black jack

As a player can kick casinos for counting cards in Jack Black. I do not understand why a player can use your brain to gain an advantage. (Also, if you know it's difficult to count cards? "I understand the general idea.)


gross d said...

It is not illegal, but casinos have the right to refuse for each service.

And you kick out for counting cards. Only if you throw it well.

When the book "Beat the Dealer" hit Edward O. Thorpe, casinos have fallen into a panic and not things such as mixing is transmitted after every round, and the imposition of 8 bridges. They found that in trying to auditors who are in their hands were much cheaper and make much less money to protect.

Today, there are casinos currently serving counter. You're right. The counting is difficult, and most people try to lose time. Not because I am not a good strategy, but because it stinks.

But still, if you consistently bet 10 and $ 20 and the hand, and when the deck is favorable to make a bet of $ 500, you are invited to attend to another institution. When they see us (and section heads are so boring, really) nothing better to do and you bet $ 500, if IU think of the deck is favorable, and there really is not .... then you get a room available.

hp77bfly said...

It is not illegal * - you can not prevent you simply use your brain. But they are not legally required, you do not serve, they can throw for some reason.

They are a company trying to make money, lots and lots of money. If she does find that someone a lot of effort to get rid of this person so they can continue to make money. I think if we just count the letters in my head, and then all they can do is tell him to leave and not return.

Big Bands Art organized employment traps espionage and electronic signals and things like that, the children can be arrested.

RD said...

It is not illegal to count cards at blackjack. Distributes casino card counters, as they are usually the big winners and casinos do not want to lose money. This is a company and its customers can choose how many other companies can, if desired. I know it is annoying, but that's how it is.

ZCT said...

It is not illegal, but casinos do not like people taking their money. So ask the counter card simply go too well. You have the right, they reserve the right to ask anyone to leave their property.

Bigfoot said...

It is not illegal, casinos have the right to refuse your bets, and that's what they do when they chase you. It would be unfair to the casino in May to shoot someone if they have the advantage, but under the law in most states have the right to do so. However, it can take people to count cards in New Jersey, so if you're going to count cards, go to Atlantic City and in the city.

Sidewalk Muthafckin SUUUUUUU!!! said...

It is not illegal, but casinos do not like or can tolerate. Please note that casinos do not lose money.

Mr. Luva Luva said...

It is illegal to count cards to go in accordance with the rules casinos. Although I agree with you, not that it should be illegal, the casinos are a company and have the right to refuse for each service.

Personally, I'm good enough to count cards, but I've never been caught. But if they get caught, casinos, and can throw you out of their casino. You will not be arrested, but are not allowed to visit their casino again.

I think it is a skill, and if you can not, by all means go ahead. But if you are a casino, card counters you want to have all their money? Feel the card account, but he knows what can happen if they catch you.

I card counting and blackjack in one of two stories, because it is a little easier. In general, I am not recommend to count cards, because it has a lot of playing time. If you want to count make a living playing blackjack cards is program for you. If you are a novice player to have fun, and money does not even deserve the effort. A card counting properlAnd you need on each card that the deck focus leaves. You can not be disctracted by the dealer, other players or watiresses cocktail.

My advice is to count from the map and draw on a number of good strategy and good strategy in Paris. Good luck!

2eighty8 said...

It is not illegal. If so, many people would be prosecuted. The only reason casinos kick people because they eventually lose much money. Casinos are one thing, not all rich.

However, all is not clear whether counting cards. I was in a casino last Saturday, and he said one source. I was in a wheelchair with a distributor at the end of the 16 (a 7) and all shows before I reached the ground and the cards they arise. Because I am a poker player first, I thought I had a good chance of a face, falling on card if I took my chances that the dealer is not (Table bust was happy, but living the picture, I'm not broke, just to give money). The success of the anchor after the split and a king came. Seller was a 18, though.

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