Friday, January 1, 2010

Wording For Congrats On Moving Congratz To Class Of 08!!!?

Congratz to Class of 08!!!? - wording for congrats on moving

I studied at the school, in other words, I move to 7 Class next year. I just wanted to say congratulations to all graduates of 08, when their primary school, college, secondary, or just one level of happiness.

Well, since this is an issue, what is your degree from? Or what kind of school they graduate? High school, college, school, ext.

CLASE del 08 I'm here!


KnowItAl... said...

I completed a community college and have my Assosiates in art

Racheeel. :] said...

You do not reallly Class of '08 ... You do not graduate until 2014?
I'm going to the 8th Grade, I am not "graduate"

C-DOG said...

I just finished 9 degrees at my school. Congratulations on your promotion to the 7th grade

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