Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stained Glass Clocks Wonder If You Know Where This Is?

Wonder if you know where this is? - stained glass clocks

Take a test for the work and in a circular image of the famous places in England down (I have no scanner so many apologies for no pictures) - It seems that it is in a cathedral or a church, do not know if there is only one clock or a wall decoration, but it looks like a dartboard segments with massive red and yellow. There are well over the windows and walls of stone and I know) in a cathedral or a church (or castle, you never know. I think that would be 6 feet in diameter, but that's a guess, compared with people who stood before him, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Donski said...

The table of King Arthur's Great Hall in Winchester?

Confuzzl... said...

It could be in the bottle kilns at Coalport China Museum .. is very difficult to make the description .. Search can not upload a photo hosting site, we can see, and a link here? ?

SalUK said...

PDB a look at Coventry Catherdeal - could it be.

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