Monday, January 25, 2010

Prepaid Legal Advice Has Anyone Used Prepaid Legal?

Has anyone used prepaid legal? - prepaid legal advice

We have worked with legal prepaid by the company of my husband. They look like a great legal way to get legal advice at the end of the finger 24 hours a day have. We were told we had no papers and instructions about what to do or asked lawyer sends a letter or call people or his lawyer in a conference call.

Of course, my husband and I wanted to do a little research and a little Tesimonials before this service.

This whole story would be much appreciated!


Bev B said...

I have it and love it. Whenever I need a lawyer for free initial advice. When I participated as a specialist in a very reduced. I did it several times and it is valued at $ 26 per month I pay.

ashleyms... said...

My mother works in a company that uses them and use them and their leaders personally. Everyone likes a little bit, because it ideal for the small things such as legal, papers, letters, phone calls, something like that. Of course, for something great time require an independent lawyer who is actually in court with you and all that go.

jwthough... said...

Not personally, but I know people who used to have. All were enthusiastic about it. They are lawyers of the highest quality. I have no doubt that the first answer is someone who has no experience with them all and make a guess.

Ashley is wrong. Lawyers have branches throughout the country, so if you go to court, which is also part of the package at a very low price.

Spambi said...

Do you often feel the Council? I did not hear legal expenses insurance to be worth the money if you need a lawyer on a regular basis to expect.

BO#44 said...

not a good idea to go with prepaid legal, are often things are not on their own or through an association or a law firm can do.

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