Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Delaware Home Warranty How Do I Report A Bad Home Inspector In The State Of Delaware?

How do I report a bad home inspector in the state of delaware? - delaware home warranty

I have my first house last year and my inspector lacked a few things in my house. How can I do about it? He said again, but he has not returned any of my calls and for over a month. I had my house for several months. I am very excited. I do not know these things until I started to repair my house recently. I think some of these things, who knew him.


A.M.W. Showcase said...

Do you have your business card? Normally, you can connect to your workplace and ask for the numbers to file a complaint. I believe that HUD is a good start. Always document the date and time (which you mentioned, and write a letter and get the letter that means you) to sign him to express their dissatisfaction with their achievements expressed, and the delay in trying the problem . solve This will be a good test in their case against him. If there is to lie and say he did not know their dissatisfaction with their service. A complaint with the Board of brokers in the state (copies) of all tests. If you think you have lost money, sue in small claims court.

mariaaa said...

Better Business Bureau

acermill said...

One can say that the forum would have lost inspector. It is entirely possible that the elements you do not complain in an inspection is included in the rule.

M v said...

All my inspection reports to the House says it is not responsible for everything. Then I went to do and employment opportunities, someone I thought I could trust.

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