Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi8 And Digital8 Great Affordable 8gb Sdhc Card What Is The Best Hi8 Camcorder To Replace The One I Have Now That's Not Working.?

What is the best hi8 camcorder to replace the one I have now that's not working.? - hi8 and digital8 great affordable 8gb sdhc card

My Sony DCR-TRV120 Hi8, Digital8 camcorder does not work again, and I need a pipe to be replaced. I must have read my Hi8 existing Digital8 tapes. Suggestions? I'd rather go to a MiniDV, but what I should do my tapes are there? The only way I know it can be seen in the video camera, there is another way you see? Also, I know that can tapes to DVD, a photo shop to be transferred, but is about $ 30 a tape, everyone knows how to get cheaper than that? Thank you!


John W said...

If you burn will receive a work Comcord Digital8 to the entire video that you have a computer and DVDs.


Sony TRV-460 is a great

iikozen said...

I Convert all video tapes to DVD! (Custom menu, edit video and audio) Please indicate how many tapes you have, as you get a price "much better"! No money before the work!

Sonu G said...

Who does the work?
Why not repair?

Donna S said...

A good place is to find the answer to the cheapest prices in the search engine. ...

Heinz M said...

Who does the work?
Why not repair?
In response to not configure your e-mail (to your account so as to get the answers!)
In this case I would try to see if they play bands and downloaded it (on the computer or check if one of my friends wanted to use for this purpose), and receives a video camera DV-type of the next time, because there are more people.
Then, the (on eBay for better prices I have a new $ 500. Camcorder is not $ 213).

akerocks... said...

I went with one of these brands ... Sony, Canon, Samsung.

I have a Panasonic Mini-DV camcorder that is so small that it is impressive. That fits in the palm of your hand! make crystal clear, beautiful pictures, from during the day and light ... But all suck in low light. I do not know if any mini-DV cameras, but I know for a fact my Hi 8 and has worked in both areas.

As for your question about the possibility to play your tapes 8 Hi ... A cassette adapter into the thing as a VHS tape, and insert the cartridge into HELLO 8, play and ... as VHS. Try Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. .. or just invest in a DVD burner. You can find decent for about $ 100 or a little more

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