Saturday, January 2, 2010

Garden Mole Removal What Can I Do About Ants And Mole Crickets In My Vegetable Garden?

What can I do about ants and mole crickets in my vegetable garden? - garden mole removal

It is a very large garden in the fall. If ants do not keep the seeds away, crickets kill seedlings. Please help! Thank you!


Tim Taylor said...

Use a natural repellent against ants and mole crickets Killer .......... Plain Old Ivory liquid. about 1 / 4 cup in a gallon of water. Mix gently so you do not much foam. Apply with a watering can. Grilling suffocated. Fine control of ants, yellow corn flour, as they swell to see it as a matter of life and soapy water, and they kill ......

Pia said...

The miracle did little for me. You need a scandalous amount of a difference.

Mantis is. They do not eat vegetables.

If you can, ask a few chickens in a fenced area for dogs and let the bugs

psycgirl... said...

Plant calendula flowers or any other type of plant shallot onion / shallot, onion grass ... I hate bugs, and you will certainly help to cricket your situation. You can also use pyrethrum spray, but you yourself easily vegies (bugs, like the taste), but to try that, because the bulbs safe, go for something to eat. As for the ants you have to find the nest and a good insecticide.

Greenfingers Good luck!

AG112 said...

receiving insecticides

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