Friday, January 29, 2010

Wax Sandwich Bags Utah How Do These Reusable Instant Heat Packs Work?

How do these reusable instant heat packs work? - wax sandwich bags utah

I have the packets of instant heat and wondered how they work.

Imagine such a thing as a waterproof bag with what looks like oil and metal button is pressed down, filled (the button-type "Snaps") is immediately hot and the oil is a solid - like wax. If you want to use, cook for 5 minutes, then wax "is oil.

Here is a picture of something. ...

What is in them and make them work.
I love 'em, so I was just curious about it;)

Thank you to everyone


J-Money said...

These heat packs are filled with a mixture of sodium acetate and water. What happens here is that this mixture is "effectively an" at a much higher temperature than water freezes. Flipping you will be forced on this button forces a few molecules in the crystalline state (the solution is supersaturated, and therefore unstable. The button simply causes) interference. This leads to a chain reaction, which requires that each molecule of other relatives to do likewise. Since this reaction is exothermic (heat releasing) is used as a heater. Boiling crystalline solid melts and pocket the heat so that it can be reused. Something that is interesting to note here is that when some molecules do not return to its liquid state, the chain back, so that the whole process all over again. It is therefore necessary to protect the bag very good cook. I hope that helped! Check the source if you want a confirmation.

edwardwo... said...

I have a very ... I also wonder how it works ... hahahahahahahaha
It was a chemical reaction .. exsotermic I do not know what the composition ...

kremlinm... said...

Acetate "inside packages of heating a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. The solution is supersaturated metastable / unstable and too much sodium is dissolved in a solution to your temperature.) After his release, (click on the button in metal case, is the place for nucleation of crystals of sodium acetate are planned to begin. In the crystallization process progresses, sodium acetate trihydrate was formed and the whole process) is exothermic (heat emitted.

The heat packs are reusable and can easily re-dissolve the crystals of sodium acetate for new content, boiling point) (or warm. The sodium acetate trihydrate is dissolved Melt "/, then the packet is allowed to cool to room temperature and the solution is again saturated. You can then repeat the process.

A common chemistry demonstration show presented supersaturated solutions is sometimes called "Hot Ice" in which a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate is activated by touching or falling into a seed crystal. JuSolution E, which at first glance appears to be water seems to freeze just ... "Ice" is warm to the touch.
See this page for more details ...

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