Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whats The Difference Between Black Ice And Ice What Is Difference Between Colored Gaffed Cards?

What is difference between colored gaffed cards? - whats the difference between black ice and ice

I'm starting to learn card tricks, so I decided to do research on what was originally.

Then I learned that the brand of bicycles made of different types of cards such as:

"red cover"
"Blue Cover"
Ghost Deck
"Yellow Cover"
Green Roof
Rainbow cover, etc.

With the exception of the cover of the rainbow, there is a difference between these platforms, with the exception of color?

Could it be the same game with the deck lid with purple ice blue or black tiger?


im back said...

The only difference is the color - each card trick you can use your onw you can do with another (unless it is on the marked cards!)

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